Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

Chihuahuas Barking

Considering a chihuahua, but heard they bark all the time? Perhaps you are put off by the prospect of their high-pitched yap? In the following article we’ll look at what causes Chihuahuas to bark excessively and give some practical advice you can use to reduce their barking. Chihuahuas bark more than many other breeds, as … Read more

Do Chihuahuas Like The Water?

Chihuahua Walking Near Water

Like all dogs Chihuahuas have a natural ability to swim, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy the water. In the following article we’re going to take a closer look at whether Chihuahuas like the water and how you should go about introducing your little companion to the water, so they are kept out of … Read more

Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much

Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much

For such a small dog, Chihuahuas are renowned as big sleepers. And truth be told, while there aren’t studies that prove which dogs sleep the most, you won’t find too many Chihuahua owners complaining that their dogs keep them up all night or are up early pestering them to be taken for a walk. But … Read more

Will Chihuahuas Attack Your Chickens?

Chihuahua Looking at Chicken

Do you own chickens, are considering a Chihuahua but wondering whether your Chihuahua will attack your chickens? As a Chihuahua and chicken owner for several years, I’ve learned a lot over the years about dogs and chickens living harmoniously. In the article below I’ll firstly discuss, if Chihuahuas will attack your chickens, the harm this … Read more

Why Are Chihuahuas Aggressive?

Angry Chihuahua

Small dog syndrome is alive and well in smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas, but what’s really behind this behavior? Why are Chihuahuas aggressive? The truth is, we’re more than likely making the problem far worse than we might realize. Chihuahuas display aggressive behavior due to their small size, feeling the need to protect their food … Read more